About Sunfeast India Run As One

The country is in the midst of a battle which is far from over. With the extreme impact of the COVID19 pandemic, the biggest cause that requires addressing is – supporting livelihood generation & sustenance. It is estimated that due to the lockdown and the halt in economic activities, over 140 million informal workers are at the risk of losing their LIVELIHOODS and falling into deeper poverty if the situation persists. This Independence Day it’s time to ‘Get Involved’. It’s time for every Indian and every Indophile globally, to rise and empathetically answer the clarion call of those severely impacted.

Celebrating freedom at the 74th year of Independence, Sunfeast India Run As One focuses on the total distance between Kashmir to Kanyakumari 211,344 kms to be covered (2856 x 74 years of Independence). It is a great distance for the nation to come together to cover; which will build the power to support livelihoods of those who were most affected.

*India Map is for representational purpose only

Sunfeast India Run As One, an annual 30-day initiative starting this Independence Day, will galvanize the country and Indians across the globe towards participating in creating social impact through a unique platform. No matter how you choose to take your steps, every registration matters - Change Maker (₹99/ USD 15), Change Leader (₹499) and Change Champion (₹999/ USD 50), a 25% contribution will be made towards restarting livelihoods.

With no geographic or physical barriers, people from any part of the world will not just show solidarity by participating with any activity of their choice, whether indoors or outdoors, but will also impact the livelihood of a person in need.

Sunfeast India Run As One, is about inspiring each participant to become part of a solution; as anything is possible, if you take the first step. Register now #LivelihoodsMatter