Cause & Impact

After the lockdowns began in March, it is estimated that more than 140 million Indians lost their jobs. Close to 75% of these were small-scale traders and laborer’s who had migrated to different parts of the country for work. The people who stand to benefit from Sunfeast India Run As One are marginalized communities, micro-entrepreneurs, farmers migrant workers, LGBTQIA+ communities, differently abled, tribal communities, athletes, sportspersons and much more. ₹7000 for a month can help a family sustain and restore their way of life, through – skill training, operation support, guidance and livelihood creation.

Sunfeast India Run As One movement will help those who have lost all income sources by focusing on:

  1. Livelihood creation by providing funds to help support businesses purchases raw materials, tools & essential goods.
  2. Operational support for livelihood sustenance - repair of machinery, vehicles (auto and e-rickshaws) and payment of pending rents/bills.
  3. Skill training for community development programs, learning new skills to attain employment and awareness sessions for the poor and the unemployed.
  4. Guidance and support towards availing livelihood-related government schemes, counselling to help the poor setup their business again.

Average Unit Cost: INR 7,000 to facilitate livelihood support for one family

Powered by - GiveIndia

GiveIndia exists to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give. Established in 2000, they are India’s most trusted giving platform. Their suite of products enables individuals to donate conveniently to any cause, directly on to the GiveIndia platform, at their workplace or through one of GiveIndia’s partners. The GiveIndia community comprising of 1.5M+ donors and 150+ corporate partners have supported 1400+ trusted non-profit organizations, impacting 7.5M+ lives across India.

"We are super excited to be partnering with Procam International in a first-of-its-kind virtual event, encouraging individuals and organisations to participate and raise funds for an extremely pertinent cause - livelihoods. The distress levels created by the economic fallout of the pandemic is huge and has put 140 million informal sector workers at risk of falling into deep poverty. Through our COVID missions, our NGO partners have been working tirelessly to support these communities. This event will boost their impact exponentially. On a personal note, I am a long-distance runner and have participated in several marathons. Not just me but my entire family will definitely be participating in India's biggest virtual movement, so thank you Procam for the opportunity!" - Ashok Kumar ER, President, GiveIndia

Beneficiary Communities

Focus on marginalized communities and micro-entrepreneurs/small business owners - street and pavement vendors, tailors and weavers, rickshaw pullers, auto drivers, construction workers, domestic helps, shopkeepers, displaced and unemployed migrant workers, tea stall workers, sex workers, farmers, the tribal population, differently-abled people, handicraft artisans, carpenters, plumbers, single women headed households, HIV+ patients, LGBTQ, refugees, tea garden workers, self-help groups, athletes and sportsmen/women.

Identification of Beneficiaries

In partnership with verified NGO partners that work closely with these communities, GiveIndia will check proposals from each partner stating the number of beneficiaries, means of livelihood support, estimation of fund allocation, location etc and verify their authenticity. At the end of the campaign, GiveIndia will be receiving impact updates from partner NGOs, adhering to GiveIndia’s reporting requirements.


  1. The NGOs empaneled will work with the target communities to assist them with livelihood support
  2. For the bank transfers to the beneficiaries, a list of documents (ration card/Aadhar card/Phone number) of the beneficiary along with phone numbers will be acquired. The GiveIndia team will call and verify the authenticity of the person and the fact that he/she has lost livelihood because of COVID-19
  3. Once confirmed, the money will be transferred to the NGO. The NGO partner is expected to forward the funds within 2 days to the beneficiaries
  4. There will be a weekly call with the beneficiaries to ensure that the funds have reached them
  5. The GiveIndia team will also conduct verification visits to the beneficiaries of both the campaigns when feasible


All donations and funds raised at SIRAO, will be through the GiveIndia platform. Given below are information on how individuals and companies can get involved in SIRAO and make charitable contributions towards the cause of Livelihood Generation.

Individual Fundraising:

To enroll for Sunfeast India Run As One, an individual is first required to complete the registration process on the SIRAO website

  1. 25% of the registration fee paid is reserved as donation amount.
  2. Increase 25% to any amount – in the process of completing their registration, applicants can magnify their impact by choosing to donate more than 25% of the default registration fee.
  3. Fundraise - Along with registering for SIRAO, applicants can also choose to fundraise on the GiveIndia online platform for an NGO of their choice.

Corporate Involvement:

Given the various lockdown norms globally, social distancing, resulting in financial, mental and physical stress. Being confined at homes gives limited scope to focus on physical and mental health. And with most working from home, the opportunities to unify a company, for besides business goals, is limited. Corporates can engage with their employees and encourage them to run/walk/exercise for a cause - encouraging Virtual Volunteering, thereby fulfilling the Corporate’s HR and CSR objectives.

For more information, click here to download our Philanthropy Model.