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Sunfeast India Run As One

We at Sunfeast, one of the highest-selling biscuit brands in India, have always stood for spreading happiness and sunshine in the lives of the people. And we do that with our large array of mouth-watering and delectable biscuits catering to every age-group, lifestyle and taste pallet.

From Bounce crème biscuits to Marie Light, Farmlite to Dark Fantasy, each product offering from Sunfeast is specially designed to delight the consumers with every bite.

But our purpose doesn’t end there. In fact, it goes much beyond that – to the nation and society at large – which we are wholeheartedly committed to help at every step. With our credo of Nation First and Sab Saath Badhein, our effort is always to lift the vulnerable sections of the society and empower them.

Hence, we are kick-starting a brand-new nationwide movement called ‘Sunfeast India Run As One’ where every step taken by each one of us will help a migrant worker and his family.

This one-of-a-kind and never done before ‘virtual movement’ is devised in such a way that every step that we take individually, will be collected together and then turned into kilometer, which then will turn into money that will go to Give India NGO who directly help the migrant workers.

So, let’s all join our hands and take part in this glorious movement to help the section that needs us the most at this time.

For every step is a step towards spreading happiness and sunshine.